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Factors to consider when selecting a slide

• Weight of chassis/drawer

• Side space available between chassis/drawer and rack/cabinet

• Height,width and depth of chassis/drawer

• Depth of rack/cabinet

• Path length desired

• Disconnection of chassis/drawer yes or not

• Lock yesor not

• Mounting holes requirement

• Optional mounting hardware for mounting In rack or enclosure

Slide Category

Category in load capacity: light duty,middle duty,heavy duty

Category in fold: 2 fold/ 3 fold/ double-joi nt fold/overlap fold

Category in application: Industry application/ wooden industry application/ electronic industry

Structure Of Slide

Terms of structure parts : Out rail/ middle rail inside rail/ steel ball rack/seel ball

Testing and Terminology

Standard test Criteria and Basis for Load Rating

1.Maximum permissible load for a pair of side-mounted slides

2.Unless otherwise stated,the tested maximum load rating indicated is based on 18" long slides mounted on a 16" wide drewer

3.The load's center of gravity is centered on the Mid-point of the chassis / drawer members

4.Unless otherwise stated,load rating are based on 10.000 times of cycle dynamic tests

5.Testing includes 100% static safety factor

6.Unless otherwise stated,load ratings are based on side mounting the slides

7.Unless otherwise stated,under (or flat) mounting of the slides is not recommended,or reduces load carrying capacity about 1/5 of the side mounting capacity

Side Space

The side space is the room required between the drawerside and the cabinet orthe chassis and the rack.The side space dimension is critical for optimal smooth movement

Cross sections and load ratings

3/5 Extension Draweropens partially,approximately 3/5 of the total slide length

Full Extension Draweropens the same amount as the slide length

Over Travel Drawer opens further than the length of the slide.This allows the drawer to pull completely out of the cabinet providing access to the entire drawer

Salt spray tested.by using 5% salt spray 48 hrs (according to customer needs to customize)


Allows the drawer or chassis to be removed from the case or rack.A lever or latch must be actuated before the drawer can be demounted from the cabinet


Fix the slide in position.A lever or latch must be actuated to move the slide.A lock-out feature allows the servicing ofcomponents without removing the unit from the enclosure.A lock-in feature prevents drawers from opening until a latch is actuated

Note : Becausethe slideperformancemaybeaffected byfactorsuniquetoa specific application,alwaystestslidesintheintendedapplicati

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